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The First Step: Cornerstone of Recovery
     Instructional Handbook

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
What every social drinker should know! 

The First Step: Cornerstone of Recovery is a creative work that utilizes a careful "self-test" format to assist an individual who may be struggling with alcoholism.  This manuscript explains that a self-test is often more accurate than a laboratory test.  It details such aspects of the problem such as adolescent alcoholism, a mounting need for a drink, and drinking to escape one's problems.  From this point, it includes a listing of self-help organizations and presents the "Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous."  
The following review was provided by Dorrance Publishing:
   "This is an easy-to-follow handbook that provides you with a great deal of helpful information.  This instructional handbook is filled with clear language, an accessible design, and it renders uncomplicated access to a wealth of helpful information."

Stop Drinking, Start Living: A Spiritual Revolution

Stop Drinking, Start Living is a motivational audiotape designed to encourage you in your first step towards recovery.  It makes a wonderful companion to The First Step: Cornerstone of Recovery.


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